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Wolf CreekUK

Author: BestWishes1986

Status: Writing

Update: 25-06-2021

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In the near future supernaturals have found safety in pocket societies all across the world. Hidden from humanity, each society is governed by sovereigns. These men and women act in the best interests of their races, protecting them from humanity and any other creature that means them harm.

In Britain, King the 300 year old Werewolf lords over multiple races as the unquestioned sovereign. He has protected his people with an unflinching bravery and self sacrifice.

When a creature of unimaginable power begins ripping apart supernatural creatures he and his King's Guard answer the call for aid. Arriving in Cardiff they find an Angel at the center of the crisis. Facing off against her is a strange man one who draws King into a adventure he may be ill equipped to handle. Leaving the life he knows in a perilous journey with the mysterious Tobin. The two will face off against creatures both natural and man made to learn the identity of the threat to sovereignty.

If they can NOT kill one another first