Read Story With Jackets and Dorayaki (Mikey x reader) fanfic

With Jackets and Dorayaki (Mikey x reader) fanfic

Author: jamelaq

Status: Writing

Update: 01-12-2022

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What would happen if reader-chan is included in the manga/anime?? Read to find out.

Made from the frustration of not finding a lot of Mikey ff, I present to you my version of Mikey x reader ff. Lol

It is strongly advised that you read the manga first before reading this if you don't want to be spoiled. And I mean A LOT.

I would like to tell you that all photos presented here are not made by myself so all credits goes to the artists. Further more if you are not interested in this book pls proceed to the next book after this thanks.

This story would follow the plot of the manga or anime but is focused on the reader and Mikey. Apologies to the fans of Takemichi Hanageki and others for those would only be a side character in this book.

Most importantly this book is reader-centered and the pov of each chapters would most probably in the reader's perspective or third person. Changes in pov's not stated previously would be mentioned before the start of each chapter.

Congratulations in finding this book. I would like to thank you in advance for considering reading this book.


Spoiler Alert!

This is my second published book by far and apologies for the grammatical error you would be encountering throughout the story. You are free to comment corrections or message me.

I am looking forward in reading your comments and positive feedbacks.

Again, Thank you for considering in reading this book. <3

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Date published: April 19, 2021