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Where's My Love? - Lo'ak

Author: WillieTheNerd

Status: Writing

Update: 12-03-2023

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Esmyrie, a Na'vi whose father is from the forest, and mother from the sea. She is seen as different, weird, unique... But to one boy, she is seen as perfect, beautiful, his everything.

Lo'ak and Esmyrie have been friends since forever, being born just days apart, and their parents being close friends themselves. Esmyrie and Lo'ak do everything together.

Esmyrie sometimes feels like a Sully, as they always give her so much love and protect her when her father can't.

She is close with all the Sully's, and that's what makes life so easy.

However, when the sky people return, she must face the truth, that not all people are good, and that losing someone is inevitable.

Now, all Esmyrie can hope for, is that traveling with the Sully's will give them the one thing Jake has been wanting all along, peace.

But with a war amongst them, Lo'ak fears he may lose his love, that has never even been his to begin with.

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Chapter 1: The Father

Chapter 2: Family

Chapter 3: The Confession

Chapter 4: The Leaf

Chapter 5: A Month Later

Chapter 6: Captured

Chapter 7: Is This Goodbye?

Chapter 8: Lilac

Chapter 9: Dye

Chapter 10: New Home

Chapter 11: The Missing Flower

Chapter 12: Seaweed

Chapter 13: The Scar

Chapter 14: The Talk

Chapter 15: Fighting For Love

Chapter 16: Such Young Kids

Chapter 17: New Bruise

Chapter 18: Physical Touches

Chapter 19: The Argument

Chapter 20: Nightmares

Chapter 21: His Name is a Prayer

Chapter 22: Lima Charlie

Chapter 23: Hands

Chapter 24: A Broken Promise

Chapter 25: The Killer Tulkan

Chapter 26: Cracked Hearts

Chapter 27: In Every Single F-ing Universe

Chapter 28: More Like a Dumbass

Chapter 29: As One

Chapter 30: Sealing His Fate

Chapter 31: My Son Just Had Sex

Chapter 32: One Life Ends, Another Begins

Chapter 33: Dead Eyes

Chapter 34: Rumbling

Chapter 35: Ashes of the Fallen

Chapter 36: Keep Your Hands There


Chapter 37: Don't Save Me

Surprise Authors Note

Chapter 38: Just Trying To Be a Shithead?

Chapter 39: You're Disgusting

Chapter 40: Her Songcord

Chapter 41: Mangled Past


Chapter 42: Fearful Together

Chapter 43: Bliss and Trepidation

Chapter 44: Or Worse

Authors Note

Chapter 45: Loss Yet To Come

Chapter 46: Bottle It All Up

Chapter 47: Far Away

Chapter 48: Blood or Not

Chapter 49: She is Faith

Chapter 50: Pain Will Always Win

Chapter 51: War is Among Them

Chapter 52: Not Her

Chapter 53: A Wound For A Wound

Chapter 54: Where's My Love?

Chapter 55: Goodnight, Love

Chapter 56: The Pain That Follows

Chapter 57: One Day


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