Read Story Vongola Primo's your FATHER?!? //On Hold//

Vongola Primo's your FATHER?!? //On Hold//

Author: jamelaq

Status: Writing

Update: 14-09-2022

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Warning: very slow update. VERY VERY.
You've been warned.

The Vongola famiglia is just having a normal day in the vongola mansion when suddenly an enemy famiglia ambushed the mansion,

"Promise me you'll remember me mio figlio" Giotto said.

"Hai I promise dad" little tsuna said.

" Ti amo mio figlio " Giotto said softly trying so hard not to cry in front of his son.

" Ti amo anche dad " little tsuna said while crying.

This is also the time where Vongola primo force to send his beloved 7 year old son into the future using the time machine that talbot created to keep Tsuna away from harm.

"Are are... what's your name little one?" Sawada Nana said nicely to little tsunayoshi.

"I'm... Tsunayoshi" tsuna said not sure of where he is.

So tsuna ended up 400 years into the future, where he met the Sawada family, who took him in and take care of him.

" ciaossu tsuna" said reborn.

"what's your namae little one?" tsuna said kindly.

" I'm reborn the no.1 hitman in the world, I'm your home tutor"

When tsuna turned 10, he met the no.1 hitman in the world named Reborn who became his home tutor and told him that he is a candidate for the next heir of vongola famiglia so reborn taught him how to become a boss. But not just any boss, he was taught to become a mafia boss.
"NANI!!!!!!" tsuna shouted shock of what just reborn had told him a second ago.

anyways read to find out more ^_^
see you later. enjoy.
( this is my first time writting so I'm sorry for my wrong grammar and specially for my spelling and the characters are a little OOC again I'm sorry)