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Their Little Heart

Author: chinken-nuggs

Status: Writing

Update: 02-07-2022

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Raised in a small cottage in the lush forests of Wyoming, Nadia Heart had been sheltered for much of the 19 years she'd been alive. Her mother wanted only to protect her from the harsh realities of the outside world, but showed her 'love' in odd ways. When Nadia comes home after a hike to find her mother missing, she has no choice but to wander out into the world by herself for the first time. Struggling to survive, she meets a woman who takes her in and introduces her to two gentle but dominant men who make it their mission to make the girl theirs.

Grasping her hand in his, he tightened a fist around her hand before gently moving the pad of her thumb toward her plump little lips.

"It's alright, darling." He murmured, staring into her now wide eyes, "you're ok, go ahead."

He had to hold back a groan as her lips parted to gently suck at her thumb. Now is not the time.

Finally having her comfort, he watched as her eyes began to droop. "Shhh... go to sleep little one. I promise I'll see you soon."

Contains light ddlg and mature scenes

Started 6/30/21

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