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The Wrong Gentleman

Author: LeeleeKez

Status: Full

Update: 20-10-2022

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Penniless and lacking the looks to attract a worthy husband, Jane Burton is forced to trick a man into marriage to save her family from an uncertain future.


When Jane's father loses his family's fortune in a game of cards and swallows a bullet as a result, Jane knows it is up to her to save her family from financial ruin by marrying a wealthy man.

The odds are however against Jane, for without a sizable dowry or a face lovely enough to seize the attention of a man, the only way to find a husband is to trick one into marriage by creating a scandal.

But what happens when her plan fails, and the wrong gentleman is implicated?

CW: This story contains mentions of suicide.

Cover by: @ClarissaNorth
Previously titled: "Plain Jane"

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