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The War Apiary

Author: WindsofLiterature

Status: Writing

Update: 13-12-2022

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This is the third version of the book. After I finish editing this version then there will be one more version before finally presenting it to the publishers.
In 2030, the world's bee population dwindled due to a devastating outbreak of American foulbrood (AFB), a highly contagious bacterial disease that attacks the larvae of bees. As the bee population declined, food shortages became a major issue as the bees were no longer able to pollinate crops. The situation quickly escalated, leading to widespread panic and ultimately the outbreak of World War III as countries fought over the remaining bees in a desperate attempt to prevent widespread starvation.The Great Republic of China was the first to develop a cure for AFB, but it was too little, too late. The damage had already been done, and the human race was left with only a few survivors. In the aftermath of the war, the Age of Eugenics was born, as the remaining survivors sought to rebuild the population through selective breeding. However, this led to the death of thousands, and important knowledge was lost during this dark age, which lasted for 30 years.In 2060, a new era of hope was born, as the survivors began to focus on rebuilding and creating a clean and happy future. But, as is often the case, this happiness and safety did not last. It is unknown what challenges and dangers await humanity in the years to come.