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The Silent Alpha

Author: Tadtooromantic

Status: Writing

Update: 14-05-2022

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After the death of her father, Rhea Jennings only wants to do one thing; move to America and start studying engineering.

The only thing she has to do to get there? Get approval for pack transfer from her Alpha, Alpha Moore. A man rumored to be snobbish and arrogant, refusing to ever speak to anyone at public functions, and even personal meetings.

However, it's soon to be revealed that Alpha Moore isn't quite as standoffish as everyone around him has assumed.

This books revolves around subject such as grief, internalized ableism, toxic masculinity(no worries though, it's not that the love interest is a dïck), as well as emotional abuse (again, not the the characters, but it's there)

There will be trigger warnings at the top of the chapters.