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The Season (Season Series #1)

Author: MissKatey

Status: Full

Update: 16-06-2022

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Libby Marks-Whelan is decidedly not a lady. Kicked out of nearly every finishing school in the country, she's shocked when her demure, straight-laced cousin Ella invites her to the royal court as attendant during her debutante season. What Ella fails to realize, however, is that Libby's brand of mischief is exactly the kind of distraction Prince Andrew is looking for during his inaugural season as an eligible bachelor.

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Author's Note

Chapter 1: Goodbye Finishing School

Chapter 2: Highcastle Palace

Chapter 2.1: Ella and her Ladies

Chapter 2.2 Unofficial Palace Tour

Chapter 3: A Full Day at Court

Chapter 4: The Inaugural Ball

Chapter 4.1 Libby's First Dance

Chapter 4.2 Breaking Royal Ice

Chapter 5: New Friends

Chapter 5.2 Breaking the Fast

Chapter 5.3: Stable Bound

Chapter 6: The Queen's Afternoon

Chapter 6.1: A Pair of Book Lovers

Chapter 7: The Hunt

Chapter 7.1: Royal "Rescue"

Chapter 8: Almost Dismissed

Chapter 8.1: Service Corridor Collisions

Chapter 9: Secret Invitations

Chapter 9.1: A Princely Favour

Chapter 9.2: The Seamstress' Gossip

Chapter 10: Broken Latches and Secret Messages

Chapter 10.1: A Rainy Day at Court

Chapter 11: Sabotage

Chapter 11.1: Retaliation

Chapter 12: Midnight in the Library

Chapter 12.1: Flinging Accusations

Chapter 13: The Museum

Chapter 13.1: Libby the Art Critic

Chapter 14: Imprisonment and Escape

Chapter 14.1: A Royal Ride

Chapter 14.2: Return to Reality

Chapter 14.3: Permission to Participate

Chapter 15: Searching the Ballroom

Chapter 15.1: Edward and Xavier

Chapter 15.2: The Painting

Chapter 15.3: The List

Chapter 16: A Pair of Tickets

Chapter 16.1: The Ballet

Chapter 17: Caught in a Lie

Chapter 17.1: Library Secrets

Chapter 18: Libby the Gambler

Chapter 18.1: Libby the Distraction

Chapter 18.2: An Unfortunate Discovery

Chapter 19: A Sneaky Seamstress

Chapter 19.2: An Engagement

Chapter 20: Libby's Decision

Chapter 20.1: Libby the Eavesdropper

Chapter 21: Secret Preparations

Chapter 22: The Masquerade (Part 1)

Chapter 22.1: The Masquerade (Part 2)

Chapter 22.2: The Masquerade (Part 3)

Chapter 23: Moonlit Declarations

Chapter 23.1: Daylight Ultimatums

Chapter 24: Brotherly Love

Chapter 25: Nighttime Invitations

Epilogue: A Letter to the Parents

Bonus Chapter: During the Masquerade (Andrew/Anne)