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The Little Piglin

Author: Brightside_RAY22

Status: Full

Update: 01-07-2022

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Technoblade the Fiercest member of DreamSmp, he lives in the North with his adoptive Father Philza.

What happens when this fierce Technoblade becomes an adoptive father himself?

Y/n a small Piglin who was following her little brother Michael who was following two larger males to a portal they weren't allowed to go through but they could. She bumped into the larger Piglin Technoblade.

He tries his best to be the best adoptive father he can be. He tries to teach her everything he knows to her.
Technoblade x Child, Piglin Reader
(No smut {this is basically a child and an adult obviously no smut} a LOT of fluff)

Not fully Completed but for good reason
Start: July 28th 2021
End: July 1st 2022