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The Heroine's Evil Daughter

Author: JustVennabel_chan

Status: Writing

Update: 25-09-2022

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The famous love story goes something along the lines of this...

Sasha, a fallen baron's daughter, fell in love with the crown prince, Lucas. After meeting each other, they quickly grew close and developed feelings for each other. But the crown prince's wicked fiancee tried to shatter their love and made an effort to separate them on multiple occasions. After dealing with the evil woman only chasing for power, they were wed and lived happily ever after. But as for most stories, not everything is true. Lucas's fiancee, Lady Eleonora of the great Vandelle family, gave up her position as crown princess without much of a fight. But instead of appreciation for her kindness and generosity, her whole family was sent to be executed. Not even before the blood of the Vandelle family dried, she too bid farewell with her own life through the dull blade of an axe. It seems her desperate prayers were heard although it wasn't entirely what she asked for. She was reincarnated, but as Lucas and Sasha's daughter. Was this a curse or a blessing? She wasn't too sure. But she was sure of one thing. The ending of her new story shall be a little different. She had always viewed herself as a peaceful woman who disliked causing trouble, but not anymore.

"It seems you all have chosen my role, huh? Then as you wish, I shall be the wicked woman you claim I am..."

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