Read Story The Harper Cousins (Wattpad Version)

The Harper Cousins (Wattpad Version)

Author: angel48183

Status: Full

Update: 18-02-2022

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Oliver Harper is a unique person. He doesn't care about frivolous ideas and doesn't need someone in his life to complete him. Instead, he prefers a conversation that stimulates his mind.

When Oliver starts college, his friends and cousins join him. The problem with this bunch is they're crazy. Have you met the Gray/Harper family? They're the definition of bat shit crazy.

As Olivier navigates through college with his family and friends, he'll encounter someone who'll stimulate his mind. Expect the unexpected as Oliver finds love with the most unexpected person.

College life is about to explode.

*Sequel to The Harper Boys

Available in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover