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The Devil's Kennel

Author: WildlyMisread

Status: Writing

Update: 31-07-2021

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"Do you know the difference between admonish and subvert?" - Revelry
"It's intent." - John Stone
"From now on your actions are an extension of my own." - Revelry
"Always amidst the pit." - Johns
"With a face full of ash." - Revelry
"What becomes of us, what's your goal?" - Johns
"When we are done, the stars will outshine the sun and even angels will fall from grace." - Revelry
"What am I to do?" - Pawn

This story is about the Devil and the beginning of Hell. Where it leads is unfathomable. As much as a genre will let me define, it encompasses too many to press it into anything other than a general description of fantastical science fiction.

*Intended for entertainment, not in the slightest meant for discord of any faith/religion.*