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The Billionaire Is An Ice Queen

Author: LonimiMeseko

Status: Writing

Update: 11-10-2022

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"I'll break down your walls one by one and sneak into the gates of your icy heart before crushing it into tiny pieces." He murmurs mercilessly as his lips lightly brush my ear, the contact eliciting an indescribable sensation through every inch of my body.

The proximity is maddening and despite my unwillingness to submit, he knows he's got the upper hand as a sardonic chuckle escapes him.

He tightens his grip around my waist from behind, reducing my options of escaping his entrapment.

His fingers gently tuck my loose strands behind my ear before he foreshadows, "I'll make you regret ever leaving me and once you come crawling back to me, it'll be too late."

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