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The Alpha's Human Mate

Author: Gracelesss

Status: Full

Update: 07-02-2023

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Addison Avery's life has been completely flipped upside down when her mother announced that they would be moving from sunny Arizona to the small forest town of Midnight Creek hundreds of miles away. Ruthless alpha, Xavier Black has been searching for his mate for 2 years now and is starting to lose hope. What will happen to other Xavier and Addison meet? Will the two fall in love? Will Addison grow to love Midnight Creek and all that it comes with? Even when she finds herself thrown into a new world.

A more detailed description inside.

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#3 in beta 08.22.21
#4 in mate 08.23.21
#1 in pack 08.24.21
#1 in wolves 08.25.21
#3 in supernatural 08.28.21
#2 in Luna 08.29.21
#1 in human 10.28.21
#80 in love 11.05.21
#5 in wolf 12.14.21

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Chapter 1 Maybe It Won't Be So Bad

Chapter 2 First Day

Chapter 3 Ivy Know's Best

Chapter 4 Electric Shocks

Chapter 5 History and Myths

Chapter 6 Maybe Mom Was Right

Chapter 7 Andrew And Juliet

Chapter 8 Friday Night

Chapter 9 Near Kisses And Near Misses

Chapter 10 Mountain Lions Roar

Chapter 11 Strip Tease And Soulmates

Chapter 12 Santa Isn't Real But Werewolves Are

Chapter 13 Spending The Night

Chapter 14 Empty Classrooms

Chapter 15 This Feeling

Chapter 16 Human Dating Customs

Chapter 17 Dress Shopping

Chapter 18 The Date

Chapter 19 Threats

Chapter 20 Telling Mom

Chapter 21 The Show Goes On

Chapter 22 The Reason

Chapter 23 Xavier's POV

Chapter 24 The House Where Dream's Die

Chapter 25 Finding Addison

Chapter 26 Andrew's True Colours

Chapter 27 The Battle

Chapter 28 The Things We Hear

Chapter 29 Waking Up

Chapter 30 Mom Advice Is The Best Advice

Chaptet 31 Girl Talk

Chapter 32 From Friends, To Family, To Forever

Chapter 33 Dungeons and Details

Chapter 34 Andrew's Answers

Chapter 35 Meeting The Parents

Chapter 36 Hair, Makeup, Tears

Chapter 37 The Cermoney

Chapter 38 After The After Party

Chapter 39 Cuddles and Kisses

Chapter 40 Monday Madness

Chapter 41 First Official Event

Chapter 42 Mr. Thomas' Threats

Chapter 43 How To Reject a Mate

Chapter 44 The Blue Moon Pack

Chapter 45 When Mr. Thomas Comes Running

Chapter 46 Ivy's Confession

Chapter 47 Not In Midnight Creek Anymore

Chapter 48 He Knows

Chapter 49 The Plan

Chapter 50 Out Lying The Liar

Chapter 51 Under The Full Moon I Say . . .

Chapter 52 Stand Down

Chapter 53 It's Your Life, Addison Avery

Chapter 54 Reunited And It Feels So Good

Chapter 55 I'll Always Come Back To You

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