Read Story TFM: Total Frat Move // h.s. [COMPLETE]

TFM: Total Frat Move // h.s. [COMPLETE]

Author: pimpingstyles

Status: Full

Update: 10-01-2019

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President of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, Harry is struggling to keep his brothers in check, his academics in good standing, and his social life relevant while in his last year of undergraduate school. And all of it is in jeopardy when he meets Karlie, a freshman, sneaking into his room during Hell Week stealing something for her sisters. Karlie doesn't realize how similar the two are, but only how inappropriate he is and how much she likes it. They both learn how hard it is to date when everyone knows your business even if it is a secret from greek life, but Harry has a secret much bigger than Karlie and you'll find out just how that secret could ruin Harry...or will it ruin Karlie?

Also: "TFM: Total Frat Move" is a name of a media site that posts a lot of frat star videos, articles, and an array of other junk. I'm using their title as a way of describing what this story is about.