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Teach Me (BaekYeol Fanfic)

Author: eatingbaekfast_

Status: Full

Update: 21-06-2015

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Chanyeol is a very known player in their school. He dates girls and, not to mention, some guys and dumps them after he gets bored.

He is also known for having a good reputation in the school. He may not be perfect but his imperfections made everyone love him so much. But, when a certain teacher came in to his life and told him (in his face), how much a shameful person he was, he felt that he needed to do something about it. He thought that it was his time to teach him.

Teach him how to fall in love and break his heart after.

Will he break the teacher's heart just like what he always do to the others? Or will it contradict to how he wanted it to be, and instead he will teach himself how to fall in love?

Or maybe, they're just not meant for each other and fate will contradict to what they want.