Read Story Silent Love (A Muslim Lovestory) (Book 2.)

Silent Love (A Muslim Lovestory) (Book 2.)

Author: Proud-To-Be-Muslim

Status: Full

Update: 26-10-2017

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(The Love Series: Book 2)

Shehryaar Sheikh is 24 years old when he completes his studies and now he is ready to handle his father's business. He loves his family and especially his little sister. He loves her more than anything. He is sweet, caring and a little shy. He is best friends with Rayyan, Zaheer and Hassan. What will he do when his sister refused to go college and prefer home studying. What will he do when Misha his best friend's wife suggest him to hire a tutor for his sister? What will he do when he comes face to face the person he love? What will he do when he knows about Maryam marrying someone? Did he ever confess his feelings for her or saw her marrying someone?

Maryam Mirza is 21 when she moved from California to New York and join final year of college. She is sweet, loving, caring and shy girl. She doesn't like talking to anyone beside her family and 2 friends. She loves her family and especially her Dad. Her friends are Waniya and Misha. Both are married and are happy in their married life. When she finished her college, she is ready to do the job even though her Dad didn't like it. She loves kids and was excited to give tuitions to someone Misha tell her about. What she will do when she know the girl she is going to give tuitions was the sister of Shehryaar. The person she secretly loves. What she will do when she know about the marriage, her parent fix to her childhood friend and her Dad best friend's son Saim? Will she marry Saim or run away from everyone?

A lot more is coming up in their love story. To know about it you have to read it.

For new readers, I suggest you to read Book 1 first because maybe you didn't understand characters or some incident in this books that will be related to book 1.
*Warning Spellings and Grammatical Mistakes so Read it on your own risk*