Read Story Second Chance For Cannon Fodder's! ~You Got The Wrong Script!~

Second Chance For Cannon Fodder's! ~You Got The Wrong Script!~

Author: Harmonieca

Status: Writing

Update: 16-03-2023

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Shu Yin was a "simple" boy who is overly mischievous despite his young age and that was why he died.....

He died by drowning when he fell in the ocean when he was secretly peeking at some hot dude's eight pack abs....

Now tied to a cheeky System, Shu Yin tries to complete missions to have a chance to peek er... I mean live again but not all is as easy as pie when someone in the story got the wrong script...

????: Wife, why are you avoiding me?

Shu Yin: Whose your wife?! Go to the fucking FL hot dude, she is your wife!

????: Wife, don't be like that we even have a marriage certificate. I'm not lying to you. *pulls out proof*

Shu Yin: Fuck! Why are we married?!

?????: Why, don't you remember? We registered our marriage when you were drunk and pulled me to the registar office to marry you. *smirks*

Shu Yin: What?! Isn't that the FL's scene!

?????: Now wife, why don't we consummate our marriage? *push Shu Yin down the bed*

Shu Yin: I think you got the wrong script! *flips ML down the bed* But even so, who says I'm the bottom? *licks lips*


Author's Note:


The story is a bit too sweet and maybe later on will gain more weight in events, the sugar cane was not too planned but because I love my baby that was why there is too much sugar.

But as initial plan, the story will slowly have the gloomy mood and heart wrenching scenes that may saddened/ offend you.

But do not worry since this is light fluff of romance, comedy (hope you don't take offense on the jokes since I really don't think too much when I put one), and a bit love struggle romance. Since this is a story after all, it must have the key components of happiness, sadness, wanting to take the knife out scenes, lovelorn scenes, heartbreaking scenes and etc.

But this is safe for your heart, not too much torture on the leads heart, just light.

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Arc 1.1 Xin Ye

Arc 1.2 Xin Ye

Arc 1.3 Xin Ye

Arc 1.4 Xin Ye

Arc 1.5 Xin Ye

Arc 1.6 Xin Ye

Arc 1.7 Xin Ye

Arc 1.8 Xin Ye

Arc 1.9 Xin Ye

Arc 1.10 Xin Ye

Arc 1.11 Xin Ye

Arc 1.12 Xin Ye

Arc 1.13 Xin Ye

Arc 1.14 Xin Ye

Arc 1.15 Xin Ye

Arc 1.16 Xin Ye

Arc 1.17 Xin Ye

Arc 1.18 Xin Ye

Arc 1.19 Xin Ye

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Years Arc

Story Story?!

Author's Note

Arc 2.1 Zu Tian

Arc 2.2 Zu Tian

Arc 2.3 Zu Tian

Arc 2.4 Zu Tian

Arc 2.5 Zu Tian

Arc 2.6 Zu Tian

Arc 2.7 Zu Tian

Arc 2.8 Zu Tian

Arc 2.9 Zu Tian

Arc 2.10 Zu Tian

Arc 2.11 Zu Tian

Arc 2.12 Zu Tian

Arc 2.13 Zu Tian

Arc 2.14 Zu Tian

Arc 2.15 Zu Tian

Arc 2.16 Zu Tian

Arc 2.17 Zu Tian

Author's Note

Teasing Arc 2 of 1

Before Arc 3

Arc 3.1 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.2 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.3 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.4 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.5 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.6 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.7 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.8 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.9Xiao Yao

Arc 3.10 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.11 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.12 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.13 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.14 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.15 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.16 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.17 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.18 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.19 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.20 Xiao Yao


Author's Note

Arc 3.21 Xiao Yao

Brokenly Perfect Adelene

Arc 3.22 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.23 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.24 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.25 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.26 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.27 Xiao Yao

Arc 3.28 Xiao Yao

Author's Note

Arc 3.29 Xiao Yao

Arc 4.1 Devon

Arc 4.2 Devon

Arc 4.3 Devon

Arc 4.4 Devon

Arc 4.5 Devon

Arc 4.6 Devon

Arc 4.7 Devon

Arc 4.8 Devon

Arc 4.9 Devon

Arc 4.10 Devon

Arc 4.11 Devon


Arc 4.12 Devon

Arc 4.13 Devon

Arc 4.14 Devon

Arc 4.15 Devon

Arc 4.16 Devon

Arc 4.17 Devon

Arc 4.18 Devon

Arc 4.19 Devon

Arc 4.20 Devon

Arc 4.21 Devon

Arc 4.22 Devon

Arc 4.23 Devon

Arc 4.24 Devon

Arc 4.25 Devon

Arc 5.1 Mu Xin

Arc 5.2 Mu Xin

Arc 5.3 Mu Xin

Arc 5.4 Mu Xin

Arc 5.5 Mu Xin

Arc 5.6 Mu Xin

Arc 5.7 Mu Xin

Arc 5.8 Mu Xin

Arc 5.9 Mu Xin

Arc 5.10 Mu Xin

Arc 5.11 Mu Xin

Arc 5.12 Mu Xin

Arc 5.13 Mu Xin

Arc 5.14 Mu Xin

Arc 5.15 Mu Xin

Arc 5.16 Mu Xin

Arc 5.17 Mu Xin

Arc 5.18 Mu Xin