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Author: ranger2008

Status: Full

Update: 20-02-2023

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Isabella Rose Romano

A 13 year old to which love is something very unfamiliar to her. Having grown up in the foster system, it didn't come very often or in her case at all. She has a heart of pure gold, despite everything. So what happens when her current abusive foster family die. And she discovers she has a family. In that family she not only has a father but seven brothers! How is she supposed to adjust to this new environment while trying to overcome her past?


Antonio Francesco Romano

His only principessa was taken from him when she was a year old. 12 years later he gets a call that she is alive and he can take custody. His seven sons, of course, are over the moon about this along with himself. What happens when he discover that she didn't have the life she deserved? Can he and his sons teach her the meaning of love?

Started: October 16, 2021
Finished: September 24, 2022