Read Story Saints can be sinners πŸ”ž

Saints can be sinners πŸ”ž

Author: Adel_dynasty

Status: Writing

Update: 22-10-2022

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This is a story of a priest whose days are numbered retelling the story of his life and all the shenanigans he did during his time. He's not as pure as his followers may think.

"I want to ask you what happened in Russia but for some reason I feel like I'll regret it" Nature said as he was fixing the pillows of the dying man.

"Regret is not what you'd feel if I answered that question boy" replied the man who seemed unfazed with the fact that the days to his life were numbered. Literally.

"Then tell me" curiosity got the best of him.

"You have to ask the questions to what you want to know dear Nature, so that I know what exactly you want to know"

He was really starting to reconsider. Yes, growing up he kept hearing stories of Priests who broke their vows of celibacy and in all honest, he really didn't blame the poor man. Who in their right mind would choose to live without sex? Definitely not him, not that he knew anything about it. But then did he really want to hear of how the one priest who had managed to steal his heart even if he didn't know it, did he really want to know of how he broke his vows.

Lord knows as much as he pitied the priests, he would very much appreciate knowing that this man lying here kept his vow unless he was breaking it with him.

"Tell me what happened in Russia" he asked again. Well he might as well know if the priest was as good in bed as he is in his fantasies.

"I met Alex" he simply stated and he knew this night was going to be a long one.

Warning ⚠️
This story may offend catholics, homophobes, BDSM shamers.
It's all in, be warned.
It's not for the faint hearted.

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