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Reunited Once Again

Author: Tianakassyy

Status: Full

Update: 20-11-2022

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Kyden and Alessa are two children who have seen it all .Their parents got divorced when kyden was just 10 years old and Alessa just a month old and are left in the custody of their mother who later on becomes a drug addict abusing Kyden and Alessa with her new husband whose also a drug addict

Join their adventure as kyden and Alessa are reunited with their father and their five older brothers after 5 years.ln those five years Kyden on the outside mean ,cold and unloving towards anyone who is not his sister but inside just wants to be loved and has grown to hate and despise his father and brothers because his mother told him his father and brothers left him and his sister because they were burdens .Meet Alessa the small cute ,loving,shy and bubbly little 5 year old who has grown up unloved except for her older brother.

Join their journey of hate and love as they are reunited