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Reptilians II - Completed

Author: LadyAutumn17

Status: Writing

Update: 18-02-2022

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This is a continuation of the first book: Reptilians. I would read that one first before this one, so you'll have a better idea of what's going on!

Matari is back on board the ship. He hopes this time would be different. He wanted to find someone who would love him for him. Not just for financial gain or his new title.

Nedver and Amber continue their journey as parents and navigate through their newly established royal titles. Follow their story.

Go back in time and follow the love story between Jedrek Anar and Parisa. Parisa, the last female to be born on their broken planet. Jedrek, a kind male who just wants to best for his family.

Follow their sweet story until the very bitter end.


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