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Author: Shoxywitch

Status: Full

Update: 10-01-2023

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RENEGE: To go back on a promise

"You didn't have to say all that. She was just teasing and besides she didn't even know.", I grumbled.

"She very much deserved it. She should have known.", He said with a possessive and feral edge to his voice.

I scoffed internally and said,

"Whatever, I think she's hot."

I don't know why but I just felt like pushing his buttons. Of course I think Gen's hot but I don't find her attractive in a romantic way.

As soon as those words had left my mouth, I was pushed against the parapet of the bridge, both his hands rested on either side of me, his face inches away from mine.

"I didn't think I would have to make this clear, love, but you are mine just like I am yours and if there is something you must know it is that I hate sharing. I won't hesitate to have the head of anyone who even so thinks of you in an inappropriate way. Besides, I can think of a few punishments for you if your eyes waver away from me , mate.", My body shivered feverishly as his eyes roamed my body.

I know I'm supposed to be mad right now but here I stand clenching my legs tightly together, turned on by him. Fuck my life.