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Rejuvenating Love

Author: BlushyPriti

Status: Full

Update: 10-06-2020

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#Winner of The Awesome Awards 2018 & Stardust Awards 2018(chicklit category)

4 in #friendfiction on 11/07/2018
6 in #husbandandwife on 23/05/2018

The music on the FM in his car played ...
1) 'Mere yara tere gham agar payenge hume teri hai kasam hum sawar jayenge'

2) soniyo o soniyo......tu dede mera saath tham le ye hath chahe jo v ho baath, tu baas dee de mera saath.

The songs one by one had made us feel them. I could see him. His eyes didn't meet me. I understand when he is hurt. Although there is not a particular expression that predicts he is angry but I know something changes the colour of his face. He turns red at the features of his face. And he doesn't directly look into my eyes. I switched off the FM to ease the moment.

'Why did you switch it off? Fearing that your feelings might erupt?' Speaking rudely he still didn't look at me. He had his gaze fixed on the windshield, clutching the steering more firmly.

"I thought of easing you. It's you who is facing away, hiding his eyes from me. You still don't understand my intentions, my feelings." With teary eyes I faced his tear-glossed eyes. We looked into each other for some moment as if letting each other know that its not only you, I too have suffered. We didn't speak. A silence crept over our heart. But the journey continued....


We had left each other far behind in time. Then why is destiny trying its best to bring us together? For how wounded my heart he left, it remained unheeled for years.

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