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Parental Guidance | Minsung One-Shot ✓

Author: Toastter_Treatts

Status: Full

Update: 27-12-2020

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[ C O M P L E T E D ] Minho was amazing at calming kids. Whenever the teachers ever had a more than troublesome student, they would always call for him. He knew exactly what to do and what to say when there was a temper tantrum or endless crying. And he always calmed children down-always made them smile in a matter of minutes. Though with adults... he was a little lost, especially when Jisung's glossy, clouded eyes meet his gaze, brows stressing over his eyes and cheeks burning a horrible red.

"Am I a bad parent?" He asks, Minho shaking his head profusely. But maybe he answered too quickly, perking up when he noticed Jisung almost cry harder.


Single father Han Jisung is suddenly called to school regarding his daughter's bad behavior. Instead, he ends up crying in front of the teacher.