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Paid Assassin

Author: AvaLevkin

Status: Full

Update: 20-11-2022

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WARNING: This is a fast-paced book and I know that may not be some people's cup of tea so I just gave a heads-up.
Anastasia Bloom, a 'Paid Assassin'. She is a strong-headed woman that doesn't take No for an answer. She has the looks of an angel but the capability of the Devil. Her hands were stained with the blood of the not-so-innocent. Her body was built for tactic and her mind was ready for any battle. But one mission leaves her thinking twice about her number one rule: Never fall for the enemy.

Carter Knox, leader of the infamous Italian Mafia. Many want his head, but he is a man that knows everything and isn't an easy target. His riches and looks have women falling to his feet except one. The one he wants. The one he has a blooming obsession with. Read more to seek further into the beginning of the lives of Anastasia Bloom the 'Paid Assassin' and Carter Knox the leader of the Italian Mafia.

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