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Outerbanks "falling in love"

Author: maddi03798

Status: Full

Update: 22-06-2021

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Jj x maddi
Season 1 + more!

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Maddi is John bs twin sister. Her and JJ have always had a thing for eachother but "no pogue on pogue macking" is the main rule in their friendgroup. Will they listen?

"you cared that I slept with other people" JJ ask.

" JJ, are you stupid of course I care" I say. I look at JJ and he's smiling. Like a genuine smile.

"Im yelling at you and your smiling?" I ask him confused. He steps closer to me and cups his hands around my face. We're inches apart. I can feel his breath on mine. I stare in his eyes not knowing what to do.

"JJ what are you-" I start to ask but he crashes his lips onto mine and kisses me.

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Chapter 1-you do worry about me

Chapter 2-diver down

Chapter 3-square groupers man

Chapter 4-inside voices

Chapter 5- of course I care

Chapter 6-mistake

Chapter 7-I've been waiting two years

Chapter 8- I was under duress

Chapter 9- Boyfriend?

Chapter 10- I'll be there to pick up the pieces

Chapter 11-It felt like everything was going to be okay

Chapter 12- I love you but I don't think I can be around you.

Chapter 13- this isn't gonna end well

Chapter 14- On solid grounds

Chapter 15- I'm gonna kill Rafe

Chapter 16- Lady liberty

Chapter 17-Cheater

Chapter 18- Moving day

Annoucement*please read*

Chapter 19- You shouldn't have to be fine

Chapter 20- We need new friends

Chapter 21- Let's go get that gold

Chapter 22- We did it dad

Chapter 23- Not a size 0

Chapter 24- Because I love you

Chapter 25- The cats*ss

Chapter 26- What have we gotten ourselfs into?

Chapter 27- Fugitive

Chapter 28- It's go time

Chapter 29- I'll be back

Chapter 30- My brothers dead?

Chapter 31- 10 days

Chapter 32- The break up

Chapter 33- Topper

Chapter 34- 10 months later

Chapter 35- The boat

Chapter 36- Party

Chapter 37- JJ can get over it

Chapter 38- The locket

Chapter 39- we're about to do something illegal aren't we?

Chapter 40- From John b

Chapter 41- Schools out

Chapter 42- We're in

Chapter 43- Thanks a lot universe

Chapter 44- I lost you too

Chapter 45- friends with benefits

Chapter 46-meet me inside

Another story?

Chapter 47- waking up alone

Chapter 48- head above water

Chapter 49-everythings not fine

Chapter 50- Perfect night

Chapter 51- Mission

Chapter 52- Now or never

Chapter 53- Girls night

Chapter 54- I love you JJ maybank

Chapter 55- To the bahamas

Chapter 56- Toto I don't think we're in obx anymore

Chapter 57-airport

Chapter 58- back from the dead

Chapter 59- hugs

Chapter 60- the end

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