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Olympian VIP

Author: _jnicole_

Status: Full

Update: 19-10-2022

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The gods are real.

All it takes is this one realization, sparked by a short video no one expected to go viral, to turn 21-year-old Angie Nohl and her friends' worlds on their heads.

Their existence now exposed to the masses, Angie and the Greek pantheon scramble to maintain their secrecy, until they realize that perhaps this sudden rise in attention might be for the best.

Not all is in their favor, however, when one grad school dropout decides the gods have been misusing their power, and resolves to take it for herself.

Follow Angie, Clio, Hermes, and the Morganthau twins as they battle to keep the peace in this long-awaited sequel to The Search for Juno: Olympian VIP.

-warning: strong language
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