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No Love

Author: BornSinner1

Status: Writing

Update: 04-06-2022

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Let nobody know that you a monster

Keep it on the tuck and then surprise 'em

Mouth shut, let 'em think you're quiet

Big steps, always movin' silent

Wishy washy shit you don't acknowledge

Pillow talk, keep that pussy shit in private

Them hoes only know what you allow

Stand on all ten like you're a tower

One deep, you are not a coward

Never rat, if you do, you sour

Respect level, keep it at a dollar

Not involved in other people's problems

Everything you hear you think about

Don't make sense, nothin' wrong with doubtin'

Ease off, get it from around you

See trouble, try your best to dodge it

If it's meant for you, you die about it