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Author: Animallover55

Status: Full

Update: 06-11-2022

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*Book 1 of the Saint J's Boys*

He put his forehead against mine, making my breath hitch. Whispering he said, "You're a star Parker Finch. And I'm a black hole."

A black hole is a dead star. Something that sucks up all the light of everything around it. Something so deep and profound that no one knows where it ends. But a star isn't born knowing it'll become a black hole. What makes something so bright and full of life become so dark and devastating? And what happens when a star and a black hole collide?
Parker was always the most courageous student, being valedictorian at her previous high school and wanting to become an architect. So in her brilliance she decides to move from her home town in Michigan to Miami, Florida, although most of her family disapproves. They all say she can't handle the city life, and most importantly the small apartment complex she bought close to the university. She starts looking for a roommate, in desperation to be able to pay for the apartment. That's when she meets the two Mosdenea brothers. Pierce, the youngest who becomes her friend, and Aaron, the eldest who doesn't seem interested in anyone but himself. Parker is desperate for anyone that can afford the room, the brothers are desperate to find a place to stay. Even though they look like two regular guys, the Mosdenea brother's seem to be hiding something. And Parker gets caught in the middle of their little secret.

Highest Rank: #79 Teen Fiction


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Chapter 1--Meeting A Mosdenea

Chapter 2--Aliens Abduct From The Top Bunk

Chapter 3--My Car's Name is Daisy

Chapter 4--You Know What? Your Pants

Chapter 5--Daisy's Insides Are A Tetris Puzzle

Chapter 6--The Story of the Two Dolphins

Chapter 7--A Crane Is Apparently Cooler Than A Mermaid

Chapter 8--A Blackhole is Actually a Dead Star

Chapter 9--Shots Aren't Only From Doctors

Chapter 10--Home Isn't As Sweet As My Other Home

Chapter 10.5--My Attitude Feels As Dry As The Thanksgiving Turkey

Chapter 11--Hands Are Like A Puzzle

Chapter 12--Swerving Cars, Cops, and Waves

Chapter 13--Some People Are Simply Posh

Chapter 14--Singing And Dancing Is Sweet Cherry Pie

Chapter 15--Good Thing Arrows Aren't Bent

Chapter 15.5--If You Fly, I Fly

Chapter 16--Everything Goes Up With The Bonfire

Chapter 17--Christmas Gifts That Match Are Cooler Than You'd Think

Chapter 17.5--Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Snow Mobiles, Oh My

Chapter 18--The Doctor of Motorcycles and the Nurse of Colds

Chapter 18.5--The Sun Tastes Like Honey

Chapter 19--What's The Big Deal With Having A Papi

Chapter 20--Third Wheeling Is Actually An Important Job

Chapter 21--Rain Seems To Make Everything Romantic

Chapter 22--The Art of Tattoos

Chapter 23--My Prom 2.0

Chapter 23.5--Two Stars Shine Brighter Than One

Chapter 24--The Best Best-Friends

Chapter 25--L.O.W

Chapter 26--The Ferry O'Love

Chapter 27--The Art of Unimaginable Contentment

Chapter 28--I Would Like To Thank The Academy

Chapter 29--Sharks Don't Bark, They Bite

Chapter 30--We Got Caught Playing Tag

Chapter 31--There's A Curse Word In Every Sentence

Chapter 32--Mirages Eventually Fade

Chapter 33-Home Is Where The Heart Is

Chapter 34--Episode V: The Mosdenea's Strike Back

Chapter 35--A "Brief" History Lesson

Chapter 35.5--Can All You Have Is Love?

Chapter 36--Life Moves On

Chapter 37--The End of a Good Story


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