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Mitchell's Power Play

Author: BlueEyedSwede

Status: Full

Update: 10-03-2023

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I had been second best all my life. But this time, when it comes to her, I'm not willing to accept defeat. I'll do whatever it takes to get her to choose me.

Having a best friend that was wildly popular, and one of the best hockey players in the United American Hockey League, was both a curse and a blessing. On the plus side, I got to play hockey with my best friend, and there was never a shortage of beautiful girls. At least there wasn't until Nash decided to man up and tell his childhood friend that he'd always loved her.

The bad part was that I usually ended up being second best.

In my late teens and early twenties I hadn't cared that I wasn't picked in the first round of the draft, or that sponsors chose Nash ahead of me, or even if I ended up with a girl who didn't really want me for me. I made a nice living playing hockey. I had a few good friends and a nice place to live in the middle of Manhattan. Despite not being the best, I'd made most of my dreams come true and it was a far stretch from the lonely kid I'd been growing up in the rural Midwest.

I was happy.

I was content.

Until her....

It's not like I didn't want what Nash had. I did. I do. Who doesn't want a happily ever after?

It's just that I've never taken the risk and allowed a woman to see past my defenses before, to see the real me, with my baggage and all my insecurities... until now.

As scary as that is in itself, what makes it complicated is that my new roommate, Jackson - who I offered my spare bedroom to a while back when he needed a place to stay - and Bryce - one of my friends and teammates- also seem to have an interest in her... the woman who has me questioning all my decisions.

The thing is... I'm pretty sure I'm not willing to be a second choice this time around...