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Tripping Kennedy

Author: BlueEyedSwede

Status: Full

Update: 24-02-2023

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When an unknown female answers Kennedy's call to Nash, things spin out of control, which forces them to decide once and for all whether true love is worth fighting for.


Childhood friends Kennedy Miller and hockey super star Nash Reed began an intense love affair. The only threat to their relationship was the media, who would not leave the famous ladies' man or his first time girlfriend alone.

Nash and Kennedy finally made their relationship official and everything was wonderful. But things change when Kennedy's job transfers her over to Los Angeles on an assignment that keeps getting extended. As weeks turns into months the distance begins to take a toll on their relationship.

Kennedy throws herself into work and Nash takes his frustration out on the ice.

The questions is whether their love is strong enough to survive a long distance relationship, or are they destined to just be childhood friends?

This is the sequel to Hooking Nash.

Cover designed by Ren T