Read Story Meant To Be Yours #Wattys2016 [COMPLETED]

Meant To Be Yours #Wattys2016 [COMPLETED]

Author: RaziaSultana

Status: Full

Update: 05-01-2017

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Katherine Iris Thornton was getting married in two months but all she could think of was her university crush Aidan Flint Waldorf. Six years ago, they had been best friends but Aidan had never known about the romantic feelings she had been harboring for him. How could she have told him when he had been dating her other best friend Jennifer Avery Calhoun? The past was catching up on her and she could not determine whether it was merely bridal jitters or her feelings for Aidan was more than a mere crush?

Years ago, Aidan Waldorf had caught his girlfriend in the arms of his best friend Ryce Connor at his graduation party and from that day he had stopped believing in love. However, when he received the marriage invitation of one of his best friends Kate, he felt all the pain coming back to haunt him and vowed for payback.

What happens when all four best friends reunite before the wedding? Sparks and revenge are expected but will they be able to sort out the past and become friends again? Will there be love in the air?