Read Story Loving Riley: Book 2 of the Celebrity Series [PREVIEW]

Loving Riley: Book 2 of the Celebrity Series [PREVIEW]

Author: MorrighansMuse

Status: Writing

Update: 28-07-2022

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Who would you rather be after the director yells "Cut!"? Mr. Perfect personified, or the flawed man behind the mask?

To his legions of fans, Ashe Hunter is perfect - the classically trained British actor taking Hollywood by storm with his devastating good looks and old-fashioned charm. To his American girlfriend, Riley Eames, he is the man of her dreams, a gallant Prince Charming come to life.

But to someone from his past, Ashe Hunter is the Yorkshire farm boy she groomed for the world stage, and now, he's her ticket to Hollywood fame. To get what she wants, she'll risk everything even if it means exposing who Ashe really is behind the mask that he's worn for so long.

For Ashe Hunter is a man with a dark secret, a past that could cost him everything he's worked hard for, and the only woman he's ever loved.

**Only the first 3 chapters are available on Wattpad as of 2022. You can read Loving Riley on Radish starting February 2022 or you can purchase the book at

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