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Sairat - Love My Life ✓

Author: IshikaStanning

Status: Writing

Update: 09-02-2023

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin!

A lot of one shots on our favourite SaiRat on different situations. Some from the show and some from my imagination ❤

Cover by @theobscure_lamp

List Chapter

Introduction ❤

Doubting of Intentions

Sai leaves Chavan Nivas

Virat realises his mistake

Sandhya is angry on Pakhi

Virat recalls Sai

Virat's useless brain 😂

Message, message!!

Sairat ❤️

Sairat's Quality Time



Celebration 🥰


Sai's first Vat Savitri


Birthday + Confession

Realization + 15th of August

Independence Day 🇮🇳

Rakhi Celebration


Virat got transfer (A SaiRat OS)

Virat & Sai have a tiff ? (A SaiRat OS)

Virat's feelings (A SaiRat OS)

Virat has fever (Part 1)

Virat has fever (Part 2)

Virat & Pakhi to meet at cafe (A SaiRat OS)

Sai is hurt by Virat (A SaiRat OS)

ViraKhi & SamSai in Cafe (A SaiRat OS)

No update 🙈


Pillow Wall

👻 Fear or Kiss 💋

Truth Revelation

No Update 2 🙈

SaiRat's Romantic Moment 💖

Emotional Breakdown 😥 (Part 1)

No Update 3 🙈

Nanha Gopal 💙

Emotional Breakdown 😥 (Part 2)

Emotional Breakdown 😥 (Part 3)


Sai's transfer 😐

Reunion with the blessing of Kanha 💙

Holi Celebration 🦋

Sai baby shower 👼

New Cover

Sai's new start

Ye ladki 🤦🏻‍♀️

💜SamSai & Harinee's quality time💜

Siyappa ! 😞

Kidnapping leads to confession!❤️

A good decision 👍🏻

Siyappa ! 😞 (Part 2)

Virat's demand 🤭 / Sai falls sick 🤒

Jealousy 😁

🤭🤦🏻‍♀️ Nashe me ye ladki (Shikha's OS) 🤦🏻‍♂️🤭


Misbehaviour! (Part 2)

Sai comes back

SaiRat and their baby!!🌸

Virat or Vishal ! ✌️

Hospital Love❣️

I only love you 💝

The Precious Bond🌸 (Part 2)

Sai's behaviour towards Virat

Sai's behaviour towards Virat (Part 2) (Happy One)

Sai's behaviour towards Virat (Part 3) (Sad One)

Not an update !


Family's care!💞

Sai-Virat (Part 2)

Family's care!💞 (Part 2)

Note !

Author's Note✍🏻

Tujh hi se pyar hai♥️🤗

Thodi der🙂

True love❤️

Her soul helps him!💔♥️

Sai get to know about Shruti!😶

New Story❤️

Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage✨

Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage✨(2)

Dil Jaaniye 💖

Something Important 🖤

Karwa Chauth ❤️

My Fighter Sai Joshi 🔥❤

Date Night 🌃❤️

Thank You All 💕

Important Note!!!

Mahabaleshwar Track (1)

Mahabaleshwar Track (2)

Author's Note!❤️

Important Note 💝