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• louis partridge imagines •

Author: partridgeswifey

Status: Writing

Update: 25-12-2022

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Louis x y/n imagines

a collection of small stories including fluff and angst

(and some poorly attempted drawings)

List Chapter

Wouldn't change a thing.

Baking with Lou.

Study period

He teaches you how to skate

Ditching prom

He watches your hockey game

He cheats


Haunted house


Kiss in the kitchen like its a dance floor


Pup adoption


Fake pt2

Meeting Harry Styles with him.

Drunken giggles <3

His sisters dont like you (think you are using him)

His sisters dont like you - part two

"What are you, five?"

A kiss caught on camera

He says you're too clingy

The first time i love you

You're my new pillow

Petty fights

Acting on love.



Truth or dare?

Amortentia part 2

A relationship is a two-way sacrafice

Insecure and Anorexic

Paper boy

Paper boy part two

Laser tag

Canyon moon

The maze runner


A penny for your thoughts?

The boy next door

Spill your guts or fill your guts

Yule ball

New cover

Christmas cheer(up)

Rating my imagines hehe

Omegle/'stranger disconnected'

Hate comments

Instagram flirt


Secret Santa

The new Greenie

"A baby?"

"A Baby?" part 2

He gets his ear pierced

Red carpet saviour(famous y/n)

Christmas lights

'I miss you'

'Come back to me' (i miss you part 2)

Snow day

New Years kiss

All-telling interviews

Number Neighbour


The Art Gallery 👅

Lipstick Kisses

We can make this leap

"i will always need you darling"

"can i break up with you for 34 mins?"(tiktok au)

skin care with louis

enough for you

best friends brother

'nope, im being serious'

1 step forward, 3 steps back

you are insecure about your height so he comforts you

you are insecure about how tall you are but he helps

small update

"yeah, sick with love"


sydney chandler

my favouite comments


a little note from me

Syd again

im not dead

We are back

"Home with you"

Merry christmas