Read Story Lone Werewolf (Book 1) bxb

Lone Werewolf (Book 1) bxb

Author: DomiSotto

Status: Full

Update: 15-03-2023

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||BOOK 1 of THE WALKWE|| Assassins' Creed with Werewolves ||

Ancient magic and werewolves ain't supposed to be center-stage for a pop-star!

When a music idol plucks teen Volya out of his orphanage, he is over the moon, star-struck and a little in love... until the very man who makes him dizzy asks him to use his werewolf instincts to break a curse.




As much as Volya wants to help, the price proves too steep. It's learning why the ancient werewolf culture had rejected him and left him alone among the humans. It's living through the violent ancestral memories. It's becoming a wolf.

And it all hurts like the hellfire.

The more werewolf Volya becomes, the more he burns to confront his secretive tribe and fight his way back in against the injustice. He only wants to finally belong... and then his heart throws in a curved ball, attempting to forge the first soulmate bond of his life in a romance he is nowhere ready for.

Alas, Volya cannot run with the werewolves and keep his human soulmate too.

He has to choose.

First Publish Date: April 3, 2021
Genre: a ya or NA gay bxb romance with werewolf theme