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Layla (Not Edited)|✔️

Author: cara____melo

Status: Full

Update: 10-06-2022

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Book 1 of the Moretti Chronicles
PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS "The Girl Who Walked Into A Bar"

•1st place General Fiction in Star Dazzle Awards
•Best Plot Twist in Star Dazzle Awards

I was so close, so close to coming when a knock on the door interrupted us. Emilio got up and licked his lips just as the door opened.

"Boss we have-" Luca started only to stop midsentence when he saw me sprawled out on the desk naked.

"I'm uh, I'm gonna go and let you guys finish up in here" Luca said exiting as quickly as he had entered.

Well shit.

Layla Smith was alone in this world. Her mother died when she was 16 and having no father around, Layla had to drop out of high school to work and take care of herself, since she had no other family left. Now at the age of 21, she was barely making ends meet with her job as a waitress.

Emilio Moretti, at the age of 26 was feared by all. He left nothing but chaos and destruction in his wake. He was a very cold and ruthless man, but what else could you expect from the most notorious mafia boss.

What happens when Layla witnesses something she shouldn't have? Emilio is now left to choose whether she lives or die. Will she make it out alive or will Emilio succumb to his ruthless nature and do what he does best.



Highest Rankings:
#1 in gangster- 21/01/22
#1 in illegal- 13/11/20
#1 in hate- 31/12/20
#2 in possessive- 10/11/20
#2 in mature themes- 09/11/20
#2 in bad boy- 27/12/20
#3 in new adult- 09/11/20