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Keeping Secrets

Author: BlueEyedSwede

Status: Writing

Update: 28-02-2023

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Keeping secrets is difficult both for college freshman Peyton, and for Max, her popular new friend. But things get truly complicated when the guitarist of the world's hottest new rock band gets involved.

Peyton is an ordinary, average girl. She never really stood out, or made any waves about anything, but that all changed when she meets Max, a very attractive and popular football player on her first day of college. Their unexpected friendship gets her access to all the right places and an inn with the popular crowd, but also draws unwanted attention and jealousy.

Peyton's life becomes increasingly convoluted when she falls for Beau, the swoon worthy guitarist of the wildly popular rock band, Trudge Lite. And even more so when he appears interested...

Together, Max and Peyton keep up a charade, all the while keeping secrets from each other.

They're all about to find out that it's difficult to keep secrets, because the truth tends to come out whether you want them to or not...