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Just Voltron Things

Author: VoltronLDSquad

Status: Writing

Update: 21-01-2022

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Hello, and welcome to 'Just Voltron Things'! If you couldn't tell from the title, this is just a book of Voltron stuff. This was thought up by @LancesForbiddenLover and BROUGHT up with the help of @tam_loves_biana, @sirlink, and @Avavtar8910. It's just a collaboration of big Voltron fans doin' their thing, and we hope you enjoy what we have in store!
Join us on our trip of exploring the thoughts and personalities of some people in the Voltron fandom, and who knows, you might relate to some things or find somethin' you like!

Stay safe and positive, peeps!
-VoltronLDSquad (a collaborative account)

Cover art is by Aku Usagi (Aku_Usagi on twitter and Aku-Usagi on tumblr)