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Author: maraschin0cherries

Status: Writing

Update: 21-02-2023

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Short stories? yep.
Long stories? maybe.
Nsfw? absolutely.
Sfw? of course.

A place where you can let your imagination run wild

Tiktok: @maraschin0cherries

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Vampire (NSFW)

"Innocent" (NSFW)

Kidnapped (NSFW)

Turned on From a Tiktok (NSFW)

Enemy Train (NSFW)

Clean Freak (NSFW)

Tentacles (NSFW)

The Nerdy Couple (SFW)

The Cafe Guy (SFW)

Overthinker (SFW)

Shy (SFW)

Anonymous Author (SFW)

CEO Boyfriend (NSFW)

Mommy (NSFW)

Thighs (NSFW)

Dog Lovers (SFW)

Academic Rivals (SFW)

Artists (SFW)

I'm No Damsel in Distress (SFW)

Even if You Kill Someone (SFW)

Feminine Scream (SFW)

Opposites are Attracted to You (SFW)

Cold but Concerned (SFW)

Cheating (SFW)

Girlfriend (NSFW)

The Bullied and The Nerd (SFW)

A Soft CEO (SFW)

Attempt (SFW)

Rich and Poor (SFW)

Traumatizing Love (SFW)

Virgin No More (NSFW)



Vampire with a Heart (NSFW)

Thirsty (NSFW)

Syrup (NSFW)

Where's My Kiss? (SFW)

Since Day One (SFW)

Mean Girl (SFW)

Wall (NSFW)

Not My Usual (SFW)

Holding Back Tears (SFW)

Preggy (SFW)

Streamer (SFW)

Caught Reading Something Spicy (SFW)

Degrade Me, Professor (NSFW)

Try Not to Kiss Trend (SFW)

Bestfriend (SFW)

Salt Prank, Gone Right (SFW)

Salt Prank, Gone Wrong (SFW)

Putting it Back with His Fingers (NSFW)

French Boy (SFW)

Teasers (SFW)

Scary Movie (SFW)

Massage (SFW?)

Picnic (SFW)

Drunk (SFW)

Thug Life (SFW)

Same Vibe (SFW)

Free Fall (SFW)

Shut Up (SFW)

Hidden in the Basement (SFW)

Insecurities (SFW)

Just a Month (SFW)

Airplane Gentlemen (SFW)

My Ginger Cat (SFW?)

Boy band (SFW)

Paper Rings (SFW)

Naughty (SFW?)

Your Highness (SFW)

Your Highness (NSFW)

Death (SFW?)

Invisible Angel (SFW)

Grumpy x Sunshine Love Trope (SFW)

Overworking (SFW)

Secretly Dating Love Trope (SFW)

Not Guilty (SFW?)

Shy Baby (SFW)

Heat Conductor (SFW)

Your Personal ASMR (SFW)

60 Kisses (SFW)

Loner x Popular Love Trope (SFW)

Keys and Strings (SFW)

Missing You During the Holidays (SFW)

Fireworks (SFW)

Disguise (SFW)

Gamer (SFW)

Grumpy x Flirty Love Trope (SFW)

Who Said You Can't Call Boys Pretty? (SFW)

Forced (SFW)

A Valentine's Day Gift (SFW)

Single Lady (SFW)