Read Story If Not Now , Then When?

If Not Now , Then When?

Author: Sohinigoswami

Status: Writing

Update: 29-07-2022

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Words On Canvas: Recreate Your Life

A palate of poems.

{Some simple words mean really deep. We use them without knowing their true worth... I portray such simple words in my poems.}

{You will find long poems,
In simple words.
Some short ones,
And a few deep thoughts}

{If not now
Then when?
Words are crops, we plough.
Memories are sand, ashen}


This collection of poems is a souvenir of my journey through the range of emotions I feel every day and of how I view the world around me .

{Sometimes I lack zeal,
Sometimes I don't.
Sometimes I don't feel,
Anything and everything feels unknown.}


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