Read Story I Love You, Kiddo. (BoyxBoy)

I Love You, Kiddo. (BoyxBoy)

Author: SaimaNafis

Status: Full

Update: 18-01-2020

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Finley Reynolds is a gay teenager whose goal is to get into a good college and make his parents proud. He is not ashamed of his sexuality and he likes playing with numbers, so his favorite subject is Math!!!!! His family has just relocated to New York due to his father's promotion and he has started his new school.
There he meets with a small accident which helps him getting his first friends in the new school.

Walter and Stephen have been best friends since the 5th grade and have never thought about expanding their circle of friends. They feel enough for each other. Although they are at the top of the social hierarchy, they are the most down to earth people you could ever meet. A little accident in school introduces them to a Math lover.

This story is about a great friendship between three boys and love between two people who were oblivious at first, but after a small slip up, begin to realize what they meant to each other.