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His Game

Author: Liz_Plum

Status: Full

Update: 16-01-2023

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Author of Silently Falling, Fight For Her, and Love, Anonymous


*told from the males POV*

To be considered a player, you have to create your game.

It must be played by your own rules and on your own terms.

The most important part; you can't lose.

His game was easy to play.

Until she came along.



"I'm starting to fall in love with this already." -Queenofhellkatherine

"I can see this girl is not like any other! Wow!" -LadyLove512

"I always love your books so much!" -margrietsstories

"And let the games begin!! Sooo excited to embark on a new adventure with this book!" -santos_sofi

"It's so nice to have a change! I was getting bored of those cliche Wattpad girls! ❤️" -olivia_rodgers

"Joey is so badass and her confidence is off the charts! She's amazing." -rach_304