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Her Secrets

Author: NightShadowLina

Status: Full

Update: 19-01-2020

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#100 in Strength
He looked across from the circle at me, and gave me a pointed look. "Everybody has secrets" he tells me, I smirk at him "I never said I didn't have secrets. I just don't plan on sharing mine with a pompous ass like you" I tell him. He is shocked at my words just like his two buddies next to him. Tiana giggles and Grace smirks at my comment.
"Will see about that" he tells me as we glared at each other now.


Blur Elara Grey is a girl with many dark secrets that involve to the person she is now. But what could they be?
Her school mates fear making her mad, and for the ones that don't. Let's just say they get their asses kicked a lot. Blur isn't the girl you want to mess. But what happens when Bad Boys come in and push her buttons? And what happens when one of those boys wants to be with her?

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