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Her Mafia Brothers

Author: DarlaLayne

Status: Writing

Update: 26-03-2023

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Carrie Bogiatto was just six years old when her mother took her away.
Away from her father, away from her brothers, away from her life.
And she took her into hell.
Carrie's mother had a string of boyfriends, each one worse than the last, and none of them were nice to Carrie. She lived in poverty, was sometimes homeless, didn't always get to eat, and was often abused.
And then her mother died.
Her six brothers take her in, and the oldest, the leader of a big Mafia family and the CEO of hugely successful businesses established by their father, becomes her legal guardian.
Now Carrie has access to whatever money can buy, a stable home, and the love of her 6 brothers.
But their wealth makes them targets.
Privacy is a thing of the past, and appearances must be kept up - meaning the Bogiatto's must act a certain way. At home, as well as in public.
As well, her life can depend upon her immediate obedience.
Carrie has to get used to following the rules; rules that are not only for her safety, but also just because she's a Bogiatto. There is no room for leniency, and her brothers enforce them strictly.
She knows the importance of the rules. She knows the consequences of breaking them. And in some cases, the consequences are death.

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