Read Story Her Seven Deadly Brothers (Part 1 and 2)

Her Seven Deadly Brothers (Part 1 and 2)

Author: Davina_K_Cruz

Status: Writing

Update: 16-03-2023

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Previously called Older Brothers

Part 1 Completed

(Alternate version) part 2 Ongoing

"T-trust me?"


It was the promise that they were never going to break.

They were seven like sins. Devious, Sly, deceptive and sharp-witted. They ruled the world of evil with no hint of mercy inside their cold hearts.

A simple, timid and a unsophisticated girl who liked being on sidelines. Her little world was built on the base of lies. Until one dreadful night came, and her small world came crumbling down on the ground. Her heart was broken into pieces by pieces as she was forcefully taken into a new world that she wasn't familiar with. Will she survive or she will lost this battle of melting their cold hearts?