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Author: ScarlettBlackDaisy

Status: Full

Update: 10-09-2022

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| a true story about a boy losing his mind and a girl who's going down with him |

'He was not my sunshine. He was the solar flare. He set me ablaze and watched me burn. Singed a hole in my heart so deep, that not even death could make me forget him.'


This a series of three books written in 2018. Note that my writing and plotting has changed dramatically since then. Please don't judge me based on this. Additionally, the story is based on real people so be kind. They're flawed but they're human. Enjoy <3

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1. hayden always wins

2. too nice

3. gets what he wants

4. the games begin

5. perfect distractions and unwanted feelings

6. a siren's spell

7. hormonal teens and hot guys

8. playing games

9. out of my mind

10. too handsome to hate

11. didn't even care

12. make me sane

13. a small promise

14. losing it all

15. feels like heaven

16. lost my freaking mind

17. couldn't be happier

18. what could go wrong?

19. didn't see your name on her

20. you're cute

21. my Addie is back

22. the first time

23. not your girl anymore

24. destined for happy endings

25. left without an answer

26. an idiot in love

27. less than I love you

28. get married in vegas

29. hey world, I'm in love

30. not giving up

31. let me live in your closet

32. the vanishing boy

33. get in the back

34. good girl gone bad

35. won't leave again

36. stop this back and forth

37. we'll get through this

38. fighting fire with fire

39. I have lost

40. what about me

41. does she look happy?

42. leaving it all behind

43. time of your life

44. living with the handsome devil

45. unheard warnings

46. too broke to be a king

47. his little puppet

48. couple road-trip

49. speak of the devil

50. he would never hit me

51. hurt you like you hurt me

52. dark, mysterious, lovely

53. you have every right

54. new level of crazy

55. if I die

56. an emotional comatose

57. biggest mistake of my life

58. friends with benefits

59. keep me hostage

60. if you love something

61. holding up the white flag

62. say goodbye

bonus: a boy named hayden

63. go up in flames and burn to ashes

64. I'm leaving you

65. in the head of a psychopath

66. promised me heaven and gave me hell

67. ticking time bomb

68. all that I gave you

69. desire and destruction

70. come back to me

71. cracked by him

epilogue book I

prologue book II

1. things might have been different

2. I'm no better

3. chasing ghosts

4. the old you. the real you.

5. wrapped into one twisted nightmare

6. the couple that could make it

7. get over it

8. found the lost boy

9. and the lights go out

10. nightmares always come true

11. not on my watch

12. anything for you

13. all that matters

14: what it feels like to be loved

15: how can anyone resist him?

16: that other woman

17: I have to be strong

18: we were never just friends

19: maybe I spoke too soon

20: make it or break it

21: only thing you were willing to give

22: if you still want me to

23: how ironic, right?

24: two halves can make a whole

25: love him more

26: just friends don't kiss

27: punishment it is

28. nothing can ruin this

29: he's not your type, I am

30. partner for life

31: relapse into the old Hayden

32. it's always been him

33. it still hurts

34. and I'm the one killing her

35. maybe our end will be tragic too

36. mine and she always will be

37. I really don't know anymore

38. first time in seven years

39. she's a fighter but he's a winner

40. what even is okay?

41. I do to you what he does to me

42. the impossible

epilogue book II

prologue + trailer book III

1: when I lost her

2: proof of his confession

3: believe in miracles

4. I'll be all yours

5: moving on isn't easy

6. he was my poison and I am yours

7. you try and fail miserably

8. these walls I built

9. it's okay to not be okay

10. promise me something

11. I'm with you

12. this is my story

13. what do you want from me

14. I'm fine

15. promise to behave

16. mending the cracks

17. just a headache

18. a valentine's day to remember

19. fuck stupid

20. the place he occupied in her heart

21. get married and settle down

22. test of my self control

23. the damage is done

24. I like it when you touch me

bonus: the Hayden I remember

25. love it when we fight

26. drunk on each other

27. torn between the two

28. all in my head

29. dreams are never just dreams

30. do you still love him?

31. conclude my inner conflict

32. my last breath

33. his soul found its way to mine

34. what she needs more

35. better than what you got

36. breaking clichés

epilogue book III