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Hate Loving You | COMPLETED

Author: SkylerChase29

Status: Full

Update: 07-02-2023

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❝ I love to hate you; because if I don't, then I will hate to love you. ❞

(PLEASE note that this was my first work and is unedited. I've greatly matured in my writing and please don't judge me on the basis of this piece of work. Read at your own behest.)


"You know....." he whispered seductively. "People would die to see us together."

Huh, as if. "Too bad their dreams won't ever come true." I leaned forward and gave him a sorry look.

"Ever." I added with a sharp edge and narrowed my eyes.

He smirked. I stood my ground. But I could still feel my cheeks take up a slight pink. It also made me think if Sam was my only mysterious problem. But I knew better.


They're arch-enemies.
One popular, friendly girl and a hugely dangerous secret.
One popular, arrogant guy and a dark deadly secret.
One ruined relationship.
Two entwined secrets.

They hate. They bite. They prank. They fight.
But above all.....they deny.

When popular and handsome Sam Drew Lockhart and just as much of his equal regarding arrogance and sarcasm, Lea Olsen Summers, find themselves at their usual revenge crossroads, sparks weren't meant to go off. They never did in the last three years, so why would they now?

With a mystery to unravel and a dangerous and mysterious stalker hot on her heels, Lea finds herself in a tight spot. What she thought would be easy, soon turned into a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Feeling history repeat itself, Sam isn't really willing to let everything, including Lea, go easily. Even if his secrets are in danger of being revealed.

Now despite all this happening, was friendship; let alone love, still an option for these two? That too, when more than a few guys were willing to fight for Lea's affections?

Read to find out. And trust me........

You want to.


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